Образец на Мотивационно Писмо за Web Designer

Образец на писмо за работа на английски език за позицията “Web Designer”. Една професия с много голямо развитие през изминалите години. А, ти готов ли си да станеш част от нея?

Dear Ms. Tallant:

Your requirement for an Interactive Web Designer interested me because of my enthusiasm for Web development/design and my strong desire to continue working and building a career in that field. My resume is enclosed for your consideration.

In recent years, I have utilized my creative, analytical and problem-solving skills to complete several Web- related projects, both independently and as a project team member. These include the following:

• Building, programming, testing and refining an enrollment-tracking application with an intuitive user interface;

• Designing and developing one module for the successful, timely release of a new product;

• Designing and implementing a Web user interface;

• Creating a process and templates for production of JPEG images for hotel Web sites.

Prior to that time, I gained solid experience as a programmer/analyst, a software architect and a software /support engineer. Key activities included database development and troubleshooting, small-business application development and interactive product testing. My ability to understand and analyze complex problems; communicate with clients to assess their needs; and develop innovative, practical solutions enabled me to make a worthwhile contribution to each of my employers during that period.

As I prepare to close out my work on the software application I developed for A Higher Experience, I am beginning to search for an employment situation that will allow me to use my existing experience and skills in Web development/design while also offering potential opportunities to expand and enhance my professional strengths.

I am definitely interested in being considered for the position of Interactive Web Designer with Reaching Out and would like to arrange an interview at your earliest convenience to discuss how I can contribute to your team. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Jack Barry.